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The Balneário

Balneário Praia Events started when one member of the fourth generation of the property owner’s family decided to accomplish the dream of getting married, in the best beachy style, in the house where he spent a huge part of his childhood and quality time with his family and friends. Shortly after that event, Balneário Praia was opened, ofering great entertenment to the public.

Due to the huge sucess of that first wedding and the house opening, some friends became interested in renting the place to host their own weddings, and we decided to invest in the events sector!!!

That worked out very well!

Today we accumulate beautiful weddings, weddings aniversary parties, baptisms, birthday parties, gratuations, corporate events and many others happy and sucessful events.

With a unique stucture, four bar spots, equipped dance floor, furniture, industrial kitchen and large bathrooms, Balneário Praia is the perfect place to host various private events.

Facing the Una’s River and with a view to the native vegetation and Barra do Una’s beach, Balneário Praia hosts a havenly scenario which is perfect to your event.



Full Events

Besides a unique place, qualified team and amazing view to the local vegetation and the Unas River, Balneário Praia has every service needed to host a celebration on a special occasion!



Placed 100 meters from the local chapel and 150 meters from the beach, Balneário Praia is the perfect place to several types of weddings. Its location allows the bride and groom to have their wedding cerimony at the beach or at the chapel and have their guests to walk to the party place. With a wide 2nd floor, the bride and groom can also have their ceremony in one floor of the house and host the party in a diferente floor.

With more than 50 weddings done since 2013, from big parties to mini weddings, qualified employees and a wonderful view, Balneário Praia is the perfect scenario for your wedding!


Wedding Aniversary Party

A toast on a pier floating by the Una`s River, lots of great music and an amazing view are just ideal to celebrate the joys and accomplishments of a marriage.

Besides a great service, Balneário Praia offers the best structure to celebrate this special ocasion!



At Balneário Praia you can celebrate your birthday with your guests in a exclusive área on a charming lunch on day time, or at night with great music and special drinks!

Contact us and customize your birthday party!



To have family and friends over to celebrate a unique ocasion in a exclusive place, near by the chapel, gets even more special on a great deck by the Unas Rivers enjoyng lunch!
Make a reservation of the ideal área for your event and customize a menu with our chef.


Corporate Celebrations

Nothing is better than a happy hour in a charming and relaxed place to celebrate a year filled with work and accomplishments! Balneário Praia has several types of finger food, lunches, brunches, dinner parties and drinks to offer to your event.





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Located in Barra do Una,
facing the Rio Una.
Av. Magno dos Passos Bittencourt, 935
São Sebastião - SP

Phone: 012 3867-1652